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Cal West Environmental Services, Inc. has the responsibility to provide the highest quality hazardous waste management services to all of it's customers. We shall do this by utilizing, hard work, high quality standards, teamwork and the philosophy that our customers are of the highest priority.

Our Core Expertise

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Cal West will come to your facility, complete an inventory and identification of the hazardous waste and provide a quotation for the packaging, transportation, and disposal of those items. Once Cal West is asked to perform the work, the job will be completed in a safe and efficient manner.


Cal West 's knowledgeable personnel will complete profiles properly identifying your waste streams and using proper shipping names. Our technicians arrive fully prepared to remove the waste with manifest, labels and proper packaging


Cal West prides itself on Consecutive Satisfactory Ratings from California Highway Patrol since 1992, remaining free of any incidents. Cal West operates a fleet that includes tractor trailer units, bobtail vans, vacuum, pick-up truck and stake bed trucks (no job is too small). All trucks are properly licensed and insured. Cal West operates as a Hazardous Waste of Concern Transporter. Transportation calls are immediately scheduled. Cal West has considerable contacts with disposal facilities ensuring your waste will be properly treated and handled.


Cal West can come to your site and take samples of hazardous waste. We contract with several certified laboratories to get the best prices for various analytical procedures. Your results will be ready quickly, and Cal West can help your business interpret the results and proceed with the appropriate action.


Cal West provides all types of U.N. compliant package materials. In addition to drums ranging from 5 - 85 gallon capacity we also have bulk totes, cubic yard boxes, vermiculite and absorbents. We can deliver these supplies to you facility on fairly short notice.


Cal West can assist in all types of site remediation. Cal West has managed site closures, cleanups and Emergency Response incidents ranging from 3 gallon to 3,000,000 gallons. Cal West can provide the labor, supplies, sampling, supervision, transportation, and disposal for site remediation projects.

E Waste

Cal West can recycle all of your electronic Waste and Universal Waste, including thermometers fluorescent lamps, computers, monitors, bulbs, batteries and ballasts.


Cal West can catalog chemicals, package and prepare for disposal. Cal West can provide decontamination of the entire lab including fume hoods, counter tops, cabinets and drawers, Our 40 hour certified technicians are experienced and prepared for this process.

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